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Welcome to the Egerton Arms

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Jam Sponge Pudding£ 4.95
with creamy custard
Key Lime Pie4.95 £
with fresh cream or ice-cream
Chocolate & Orange cheesecake£ 4.95
with fresh cream or ice-cream
Pot of Filter Coffee for one£ 2.00
Pot of Tea for one£ 1.80
Cup of Espresso£ 2.00
Darne of Salmon£ 10.95
grilled with smoked cheese
Fillet of Cod wrapped in Smoked Salmon£ 11.95
with parsley sauce
Giant battered Cod£ 12.50
Lamb Shank (cranberry red wine gravy)£ 10.95
Rib Eye Steak (10oz/283grams)£ 16.95
served with mushrooms, onion rings & tomatoes
Beef Burger topped with Smoked Cheese£ 10.95
served with B.B.Q. dip
Jalapeno Peppers£ 5.25
stuffed with cream cheese
Parma Ham & Feta£ 5.95
sherry vinegar drizzle
Vegetable Samosas£ 5.25
with mango dip
Mixed Salad£ 2.95
Mixed Cheese & Chutney£ 10.95
Vegetable Balti£ 10.95

The Egerton Arms

Welcome to the Egerton Arms! A country pub situated in picturesque Cheshire! It is a 16th Century Inn adjacent to St Marys Church in the beautiful village of Astbury.

Family run under the personal supervision of Allen and Grace Smith who have pride in their reputation, friendly service, comfort and excellent food. Freshly prepared food is served everyday catering for all it’s visitors needs.

Everything from a light snack, a vegetarian meal, a salad or just a homemade sandwich to wet anyone’s appetite! Lunch and Dinner is also served daily in the Restuarant Area.
Why not just pop in for a bar snack whilst enjoying real Ale from Robinsons, or a refreshing glass of fine wine.
The village of Astbury lies just South of Congleton, on the eastern edge of the Cheshire Plain. The most dominating feature of this small village is St Marys Church. It stands proud overlooking the Egerton Arms and the village cottages and houses. This spectacular building was once the mother church of Congleton.

The Egerton Arms adds character to the already beautiful village. With it’s flower filled gardens it compliments the whole relaxed and laid back atmosphere of this small town. One can understand why such a small village was voted the “Best Kept Village 1987”.
The Egerton Arms is an ideal startoff point for everybody visiting Cheshire. There are many local attractions just a short drive away. Amongst them are Little Moreton Hall, the most perfect timber-framed home in the United Kingdom. Brereton County Park allows visitors to experience the natural beauty of Cheshire.

The Jodrell Bank Science Center is also nearby. Offering visitors an unique oppurtunity to experience the vast Solar System at close-hand. The world famous potteries and factory shops are also a stone’s throw away, a quick thirty minutes drive will have you in the Potteries. For the avid golfer Astbury also has it’s own exclusive golf club.